Rooster class Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 1,000,000JPY prize money championship


Our goal is to create Japanese world champions.
We are intending to organize "rooster class" Brazilian jiu-jitsu open tournmentto enhance competitivenes of Japanese fighters. The winner will receive financial support.




Anybody who is below 57.5KG including Kimono
(Japanese nationality is NOT required)


BJJ Black Belt Rule


Entry will start as soon as we decide to hold the tournament. So, if
you have interested in the tournament, please look forward to further



1,000,000JPY (Approximately 13,000USD)



Mikio OGA
BJJ Black Belt, representative of NEWAZA WORLD
2007 CBJJ International Master and Senior, Black Belt Senior 1 Pluma Champion
2007 CBJJ World Championship Black Belt Galo, 3rd Place




Q: What's the date?

A:Date is not  decided yet. Probably sometime in March, April or May



Q:What's the guarantee of the prize and who is fighting?


A:The prize is 1,000,000JPY.
   Only the campion will get the prize.
  We will not pay travel expense for participants.



Q:What are the rules?


A:The rule is ibjjf Black Belt rule.



Q:How many fights?


A:This is an open tournament.
   I can not predict the number of fighters.


More information is Here.